Saturday, 23 May 2015

Some Autumn Wabi Sabi

#redweek #sydney #autumn #wabisabi

Its autumn in my time zone. If you like wabi sabi follow the link since there's a larger version on the photo on other items.

Please share and let others know about it. I have a birthday coming up soon.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ewart art prize entry

#sydney #willoughy #chatswood Heres my entry for the #ewartartprize currently on display at the workshop arts centre laurel st willoughby
Come n see ceramics sculpture prints paintings jewellery all for sale !
FoolsGold Threesome is a set of 3 vases glazed in temmoku n overglazed with a splash n brushing of another glaze creating a green gold effect
Wabisabi with a touch of bling ?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Red Bubble now has Scarves

#redbubble now has #scarves #sydney #hornsby

Here's a link showing 3 of mine and below my list of suggestions of things to do with them!

These are big squares so

Fold knot and drape them as

Scarves wraps shawls skirts sarongs

Cut and stitch or join one or two  them as

Ponchos tee tunic tops evening wear kimonos long sleeve gauzy blouses wraparound skirts by adding a waist tie

More designs will be available on scarves soon !

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Good News and Thank You

Good news and Thank You Everyone who supported my anzac and gallipoli designs.

The cheque from #redbubble has arrived and hopefully by the end of next week will be deposited and processed so I donate money onwards to Legacy and other charities.

Sorry I have not posted for a while. Your next glyphika post should feature some new scarf designs. I havnt had any blog post ideas cos I've been focusing on scarf designs.

Would really love it if you took another look at my #redbubble designs and let me know which ones you would like to see on scarves while I work on new stuff.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Anzac and Gallipoli Designs 2015

#Gallipoli #Anzac #Sydney #hornsby #Australia #newzealand #turkey #centenary#julievaux 

copyright julie vaux 2015

copyright julie vaux 2015 

I've created these new designs for the #Gallipoli Centenary and for #Anzac Day #2015 in addition to older designs up on #Redbubble.
Don't forget you can change the background color and styles for the tees and some of the other products

#copyright julie vaux 2015

View and buy or at least share ?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Finding Crosses


#crosses #designproblems #christianart #easter

So Easter is coming and I'm racking my brain trying to PR my Anzac Easter and other designs on Red Bubble and Cafe Press and and trying to find a shortcut to create an interesting cross design.

So I need a background layer cos I'm thinking of doing a Celtic Cross and I create a sampler file a workspace of plus signs from various fonts thinking it would be a good starting ... like I can use node manipulation to turn the plus sign into a cross and have one solid shape but ...

I surveyed 40 different fonts that included plus signs  and most of them used the same glyphs you see to the left and top of this png !

Even many of the ornamental fonts had no crosses or plain shapes!

Okay so they are plus signs but the letter T t upper or lower case didnt work either  sans serif serif etc?

Back to the drawing pad to do what I should have in the first place do a drawing in pencil scan it and color over it or take the drawing break it up into separate repeatable units I can modify in Inkscape .... why all the bother ?

I want websafe colors and sometimes the colors in paintings  ...

Irk I doubt I'll finish a design suitable for sale but I hope I'll at least have an Easter card for friends and social media!

Meanwhile please enjoy and share Last years #Easter designs up on #CafePress

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Discount Sale MY Cafepress Shop

#sale #discount #design

Looking for #easter #gifts or gifts for any occasion?
Before I  remove the rest of the old designs for new stuff until the beginning of march I'm having a discount sale !

All items in this #cafepress shop are discounted!

We have some Easter items and a medley of older pieces with designs available on cards clothing cushions prints gifts etc

Here's a few of my Cafe Press designs 

Know any #ceramicists or #potters! You can get them aprons with this logo !

Come and visit