Saturday, 6 February 2016

St Valentines Day 2016

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For Saint Valentine's Day or Any other Day on which you wish to express your love consider this #design by #julievaux available from

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Playing with Roses and Filters in Inkscape

Playing with #roses and #filters in #inkscape

So I have Davys Ornaments as a font and Inkscape and its nearly StValentine's day and while I ended up posting three  other designs to My Red Bubble  here's a few Digital sketches of ideas I played with.

First I tried to get rose quartz and the peach color from Pantones 2016 colors onto a art noveau rose shape then I tried some texture filters

Okay melted rainbow and flex metal was just to see what would happen !

next I played with blends in gimp
but that will be the next post !

My final choice for Red bubble was this 

Copyright Julie Vaux 2016

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Machinery as Sculpture Four

#Machinery as #Sculpture Four

If Machinery is like Sculpture or is sculpture and vice verse
what is the purpose of sculpture as a machine.

Yes this means I'm going to show a couple of pieces of modern art .. and other things ...
Calder Mobile 

Sculpture in a Sydney park 

Perhaps sculpture is a device for moving ideas?

Like this ?
Roman Emperor
Though the idea moved is the power and wealth of the Roman Empire.

Lets finish with another look at an image from my first post.

Why would one choose to paint a stationary crane? 

Its a portrait of a sculpture yet also of a machine.

Machines and sculptures both move things. 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Machinery as Sculpture THREE LOOM

#machinery as #sculpture three #Looms and #textiles

Have you ever considered #weaving as a #sculputural process?

We think of a loom as a device for making 2nd flat textiles and forget its as much a #3d process as a modern 3d printer.

Think and look at how threads are set up on a loom especially for processes like ikat or brocade or tapestry.

Here's some images of looms for hand weaving with shuttles

Not a flat process is it? and the loom in itself is a beautiful thing?

Now for some modern powered looms.

DO they not have a certain grace of geometry?

Sculpture is not always a reductive process of carving AWAY!

Finally consider the punch cards used in Jacquard looms are the ancestors of the software codes that make desk or table top knitting or 3d printing machines possible?!

Australia Sticker

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Machinery as Sculpture Two

#Machinery as #Sculpture  TWO

Consider ARMOUR particularly articulated plate armour.

Here it is in its most modern cgi sfx form with Mr Downey striking a very sculptural pose for a PR poster.

Hands up anyone who went to an Iron Man movie cos they loved the workshop and armor scenes and because they actually showed at least of the design and prototype process. Our tech isn't quite up to real life Iron man powered armour ... yet ...

Now for its ancestor late middle ages plate armor.

I've shown a relatively version. 

Plate armor for tourney was often etched and engraved and more ornate.

Note how the artist in metal the smith who made this armour had to co-ordinate all the parts and the harmony of the parts makes the armour beautiful to look at because it is functional a defensive machine yet also design and sculpture.
Sculpture you can move in?

The Japanese also had articulated armour.

I've chosen to just show a helmet because of the use of ornament.

Several moving parts and sections joined together.

The same also applies to Japanese swords which are one object but can be detached blade handle and sword guard.

Art for a deadly destructive or defensive purpose but still art.

Next post in this series LOOMS!


My final design for #AustraliaDay

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and yes for non Australians this is a visual pun on how you think we pronounce #Australian in what linguists call a "BROAD" Australian English accent.

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